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An intensive workshop on 6 CDs: right
in the comfort of your own home.

On Leap Before You Look, Arjuna Ardagh invites you
to take the plunge into a life of unbridled generosity of spirit,
moved by the flow of love.


A guided meditation to guide you into direct
recognition of your true nature


A guided meditation to dissolve the feeling of
separation in relationship.


A guided meditation: one to embrace
and bless all of creation.

4_The Beloved

A guided meditations to allow you to experience
romantic love within your own heart.


Deeper and Deeper simply guides you into
profound states of deep relaxation, using
the methods described in Relaxing into Clear
Seeing, chapter 3. Use this meditation to
dissolve stress and let go deeply into yourself,
an ideal start or end to a busy day.


Wisdom Within guides you to meet the true source
of Wisdom, and the source of answers to all
questions: your own True Heart. Discover the
full embodiment of intuition, and a sense of natural knowing.