Basic Skills is the first course in the Awakening Coaching Training program.  Whether you are already a practitioner working with clients or patients in a therapeutic, medical or healing capacity, considering a career in coaching or just want to experience what’s possible for you in your own life, this course will provide great value.


The Basic Skills course provides the powerful foundational training needed to learn the tools that can be used to work with people as an Awakening Coach.  Participants will be taken very quickly into a direct, personal experience of these tools, as well as working with each other to practice facilitating others in the same way.  The focus is on practical application, rather than lecturing.

Skills Learned:

In the Basic Skills Course you will learn the 7 innate brilliances of Awakening Coaching:

  • Inspired Certainty: how to speak with authority from awakening and about awakening
  • Absolute Presence: how to step out of your own way and show up with your client free of all internal and external distraction
  • Radical Awakening: how to guide anyone out of the mind and into awakened presence, in a few minutes ( several “portals” are taught)
  • Radical Releasing: how to guide clients to experience and release energetic charges which are the basis of emotional reactivity, and which inhibit our ability to respond authentically
  • Embodied Awakening: how to find exactly the right tailor-made practices for a client, to support them in living awakening consciousness in every aspect of life
  • Midwifing The Unique Gift: how to clear the path for clients to allow their unique gift to flow through them.
  • Spontaneous Creation: how to support clients to create “frequencies” such as happiness, success or creativity out of the natural state of expansive consciousness

Training Format:

Basic Skills is offered as an online course over 16 weeks, or as a six day residential course in Europe.

The online course offers a dynamic and engaging experience that includes:

  • video shot at a variety of previous courses
  • audio talks to download and play on your mp3 player
  •  an online workbook
  • tools and practices,
  • an online community forum and
  • additional reading materials.

Participants will have two hours a week of group training over the phone or Skype where they will be able to learn directly from Arjuna Ardagh and a variety of teachers, as well as participate in small and intimate break-out groups for more direct experiential practice of the teachings.

The six day residential course is currently only offered in Germany.  Participants are given an opportunity to work live with Arjuna Ardagh and other teachers in learning the basic skills of Awakening Coaching.

For information in German and enrollment in the training in Germany (German language), please visit:


  • Two sessions with a certified Awakening Coach
  • A weekend intensive with Arjuna Ardagh or another Awakening Coach
  • Required Reading:  Better than Sex

Additional Information:

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