You might be interested in awakening coaching as a way to supplement your skills in working with people, or even to launch a brand new career. For us, there is nothing more fulfilling than supporting other people in opening to awakening, which is why we like to say that this way of working with people is “better than sex.” In this area of the site you can find a general overview about our training, who it is great for and what it will offer you.

In our training we teach seven innate brilliances which allow anyone to become an excellent facilitator of awakening to anybody else. You can find these innate brilliances listed, and then their are separate pages and videos which describe each one. They are: Inspired Certainty, Absolute Presence, Radical Awakening, Radical Releasing, Empowerment Practices, Midwifing the Unique Gift, and Spontaneous Creation.

We offer a number of courses here at Awakening Coaching. The Basic Skills Course is where everybody begins, and it teaches you the building blocks of how to do this work. If you are new to coaching, it will give you a great place to start. If you are a veteran coach or have been working with people for decades, it will add important tools that you can integrate right away into your existing work.

For those people who want to go on and become certified as an awakening coach, the Client Interaction Course teaches you how to build a relationship with a client over an 8 week or 12 week period.

The Group Facilitation Course teaches you how to bring forth awakening with groups of people.

The Deeper Love Coaching Training, prepares you to work with singles or couples in bringing awakening into intimate life.

Honest Marketing prepares you to talk about your work from a place of inspired certainty, so that your marketing can be informative rather than persuasive.

If you are interested to become certified as an awakening coach you can find out what the requirements are. Take your time to look through this part of the site.

Once you feel confident that this is the right approach for you, go ahead and fill out an application, one of our admission counselors will get back to you within two or three days.

We’ve done our best here to explain to you what kind of students take this training and benefit from it.

The best way to really know if this is the right approach for you is to meet some of the people who have done the training in the past. You can hear people from all over the world, often speaking in there native tongue, about how they experienced the awakening coaching training.