Client Interaction is the course in which participants take the tools and skills learned in the Basic Skills course and learn how to integrate everything together into a complete and dynamic coaching experience for their clients.  Through working with other participants in both coaching other members of the course, as well as being coached, a deepening of the capacity to use the tools and facilitating clients to access their ability to be resourceful, clear and awake is developed. In addition, participants are taught how to do a free introductory session, how to filter clients, how to talk to potential clients about Awakening Coaching..and more!

Skills Learned:

  • The Awakening Coaching eight week model
  • How to talk to people about this work before they know anything about it
  • How to screen clients to make sure they are suitable for this work
  • How to offer the free introductory interview
  • Client intake forms and agreements
  • The “new client questionnaire” and how to start the coaching relationship
  • “Stacking Radical Release”: dissolving points of view around a particular issue until the client comes back to a state of Clear Seeing
  • How to recognize and support vision from Clear Seeing, and to support the client to make decisions from there
  • More advanced training in how to give Empowerment Practices and how to link them to radical releasing
  • In depth training in Unique Gift Coaching: how to support a client to discover and bring forth their unique gift
  • The mechanics of masculine and feminine embodiment
  • Protocol for dissolving separation in relationship
  • More advanced training in Spontaneous Creation
  • How to conclude the 8 week or 12 week series: generate client referrals and bring the series to a satisfying conclusion.

Training Format:

Client Interaction is a 24 Week Online Course that offers a dynamic and engaging experience that includes video materials from live trainings and demonstrations, audio files of sample sessions for you to use at home, instructions for practices for you to do at home, reading materials from a variety of sources, an online workbook with the teachings, tools and practices, and an online community forum where you can ask questions of the teaching staff as well as getting to know other students. Participants will have two hours a week of group training over the phone or Skype where they will be able to learn directly from Arjuna and other teachers, as well as participate in small and intimate break out groups for more direct experiential practice of the teachings.  All calls are recorded to download later. Participants will be required to coach fellow participants, as well as be coached, through the Awakening Coaching model.


Awakening Coaching Basic Skills Course