Awakening Coach


Chris Nielsen
Certified Coach
San Diego, CA
Conscious Entrepreneurship and Sales
Conscious leadership
Conscious Masculine Practices
Conscious parenting

About Me:   My passion is helping people set themselves Free. Helping people find clarity. Helping them let go of given things that hold us down and back from living a life filled with love, passion, and connection.
Guiding people to discover their deepest longing and turning it into living reality.
What happens when you have clarity? You get more of what you really want.

What happens when you have a passion for life? People want to be around you, work with you, play with you. More Fun.

I have years of Sales, Leadership and Entrepreneurial experience. I have a background in athletic coaching and high performance training.

I am passionate about helping people create beyond great Relationships. (children, significant other, parents, friends, clients...)

I have a heart that pumps out endless love. If you feel