Awakening Coach


Lene Skrumsager Møller
Certified Coach
Copenhagen, Denmark
Conscious Feminine Practices
Conscious Life Transition
Conscious parenting
Conscious Spirituality

About Me:   My educational background is a Masters degree in Political Science specializing in global poverty reduction, so for many years I was working as a consultant on development programs in the Middle East and Africa. I realized that the biggest and most sustainable change that I made was in my own and other people´s consciousness and way of thinking.
So I quit, and studied five years to become a certified Meditation teacher, then a certified Life and Business Coach, and then an Awakening Coach.
I love the sessions I have with my clients, whom are very dear to me. It is fulfilling seeing each of them becoming more true to their inner core/their soul/their heart.
My clients become more self-loving and kind to themselves, more happy, and more conscious human beings benefitting all of us.
I often support people who seem to have it all, but who do not feel happy, and desperately wants to be liberated from their self-inflicted suffering caused by their identification with negative thoughts and stuck emotions.
I know from my own spiritual journey, the last two decades, how precious it is to finally wake up to the present moment, get to know ones own mind and opening the heart. I would love to listen to how you are doing and what you are truly longing for.