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Suzi April
Certified Coach
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About Me:   The greatest gift I bring to my life coaching is my passion to serve others, to support them in their awakening to their full potential. My own personal life experience provides me with the unwavering certainty that I bring to my clients. This certainty is grounded in the absolute knowledge that being fully present fills your life with peace, love, acceptance and compassion.

My commitment to being fully present with my clients is sacred. As part of our practice together, I will commit my full presence to you. I will walk beside you and serve as your guide. Together, we will journey from fear, conflict and anxiety to an awakening to joy and peace. From those things that keep you stuck and instill limitations to your life - to an awakening of the infinite potential of your true self.

When you are free from the limiting patterns of your mind, you open the doorway to the natural gift of your heart's wisdom. Based on my own experience of awakening from the unnecessary suffering of daily life, I know that achieving a higher level of awareness is possible for you. My deepest desire is to be of service and to "Pay It Forward", sharing and contributing to your practice of awakening.

I have been a life coach since 1998 and originally trained with Thomas Leonard at Coach U. More recently, I trained with Arjuna Ardagh and I am a Certified Awakening Coach.

I am the founder of Live Life Coach and I Am the Present. Both practices are dedicated to supporting people in awakening to their own infinite potential.

I coach individuals, couples, groups, and also offer workshops and retreats.

Please contact me for a Complimentary Coaching Session.