Awakening Coach


Sorel Norlin
San Diego, CA
Bringing awakening to the work place
Conscious leadership
Deepen an existing relationship

About Me:   I came to the United States from Australia in 1986 and attended university in Boston. After receiving my graduate degree in San Diego, I have spent close to two decades working in corporate finance, banking and investments.

While maintaining a corporate career and parenting two young daughters, I spent 12 years seeking answers on a spiritual journey. It was only in the last few years of that 12 year path that I discovered that my journey had brought me right back to myself and to an awareness of my spiritual nature, a True Nature that is shared by everyone and that had been there all along. I began to experience my life through a different lense of consciousness and my internal landscape began to feel dramatically different to me. This internal shift helped me navigate through the demands of being a full time working divorced mother in Corporate America.

I am both a Certified Awakening Coach and a Certified Deeper Love Coach. I have personally experienced, and have also witnessed, the transformative power of the Awakening Coaching program and how it allows clients to be guided into a place of experiencing their True Nature, beyond the stories of the mind. As a result, clients are able to feel more fully present to the unfolding of their lives. Awakening Coaching uses very simple tools to guide clients into a place of being less and less resistant to the what is of their life. By facilitating clients to a place that is beyond the constant chatter of the mind, they are able to develop a totally different perspective on the issues in their life and develop what is called Clear Seeing. I also work with singles looking to find an intimate partner and couples looking to express a longing for a more playful yet more intimate way of connecting, using the quick, simple yet powerful tools of The Deeper Love program.

I would love to serve you in your deepest longings using Awakening