Awakening Coach


Karen Fritz
Certified Coach
Bringing awakening to the work place
Conscious leadership
Discover your unique gift

About Me:   Combining degrees in neuropsychology and technology with a passion for exploration and a wicked irreverence, Karen makes every encounter transformational. Twenty years success in corporate and independent business makes her intimately familiar with the challenges facing leaders. As a trainer requested on 5 continents, her insight and clarity consistently inspire enthusiasm to implement changes with confidence.

Karen provides both model and motivation for you to become fully present with your people and ensure that you give your gift to the world. You can feel intimately cocooned with Karen's unwavering presence while exploring inner horizons, then laugh together as old beliefs and sabotage melt away. Journeying through Consciousness with Karen is an adventure from direct experience to living application, from intense quantum shifts to playfulness specifically designed to bust your habits -- as well as bust your chops.

You will directly experience your own deeper nature and access your inspired certainty for the steps to bring your gift forth. The gift wanting to burst through you is exactly what the world is waiting for! Together, we'll celebrate it and clear the path for its most joyful expression.

Karen's clients report:
*More peace of mind in turbulent times
*Connecting more deeply and joyfully with family
*Laughing more, having more fun
*Taking their contribution in the world to the next level of expression
*Clarity around key decisions or life choices

"The direct experience of awakening has brought me profound peace and ongoing inner happiness, without any particular change in my life circumstances. I still have a husband, 2 sons, and several businesses I run. There's an ease to it, and an availability to whomever I'm with so that I can be fully present for them, rather than distracted by unnecessary thinking."