Awakening Coach


Katharina Rieder
Advanced Certified Coach
Vienna, Austria
Birthing creative projects
Conscious Life Transition
Discover your unique gift

About Me:   I am born in Vienna, Austria, married since 2004, two gorgeous children with my husband.
Graduated at the University of Vienna with a Master degree of Natural Science in 2002. I studied Cognitive Science and worked for several years at the General Hospital in Vienna at the Neurology Department as a Brain scientist.
Counsellor Training with Rickie Moore Ph.D, and Henry Marshall, Ph.D., graduated in 2000, accredited by the European Counsellor Association.
Shamanic Training with Sonia Emilia Roppele 2000 – 2007.
I am a certified Awakening Coach since 2011. Organizing Living Awakening events with Arjuna Ardagh from 2011-20144 in Vienna, as well as the very first Awakening Coaching Training in Germany in 2012; assisting and co-teaching Trainings ever since.
Supporting people to unfold their fullest potential is one of my biggest passions since 15 years. The focus in my coaching practice is to unlock your inherent genius, so that you can live, express and realize what you are really passionate and enthusiastic about. That might be in the realms of your work, creative projects or relationships. I welcome you with your innate gifts which are just waiting to unfurl and expand.