Awakening Coach


Pamela Hirschmann
Certified Coach
Metropole Rhein-Ruhr, Germany
Bringing awakening to the work place
Conscious Life Transition
Healing old relationships
Honor the body

About Me:   I love to support people, men and women, who are missing something in their middle age-life, who are thinking:
"There HAVE to be more!"
More closeness for their living with the partner and their adult children, more meaning at their business- life (where they're working many years yet), more living from out of their deepest values.
Often these people are faced with the care for their old and sick parents - or they became serious sick of their own.

I´m very experienced through years working with families in these situations - 10 years as a Mediator and until December 2014 as a nurse and career for the elderly. I cared also for my old father in his last years, managed his social life, his finances, his health. I know, how a son or daughter is feeling facing this situation!
And I know, how the colleagues are feeling working in a rest home or in other services for elderly - for people with dementia too! (I´m qualified also as a nurse working with them)

Clients who worked with me, are saying:" Now, I feel secure - I know, what´s my longing in this area, I know tools how I can manage difficult situations - I feel more calm and relaxed, more free from the fear of excessive demand, more free from a habit of seeing another persons as enemies and closer to my colleagues, my relatives and to the action I really stand for!