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Mareille Ann Bechtle
Certified Coach
Birthing creative projects
Conscious Feminine Practices
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About Me:   Languages: German, English & Italian.

“To be the change I want to see in the world” (Gandhi) has been  my deepest longing since I was a child. To live  an embodied spirituality and a spiritual daily life as complex as it may be is for me the biggest fulfillment I can imagine!

I just love it to dance through life as it shows up!
It is a daily dance of devotion to freedom, to presence, to life itself.

I live in the countryside in Northern Germany.
I grew up in Italy and spent quite a time around in the world.
I am an actress ( Checov-method ), I am a theater director and a massage therapist.
I  have three children and I´m just building up with friends the “ the river -healing-community” right in front of my door.

For a few years now, I have been exploring female, embodied spirituality with the Awakening Women  Institute. 

Awakening Coaching is a very modern treasure-chest , since:

 ⁃    We can finally experience that a deeply spiritual path is not necessarily picked up from a master or guru.
⁃    We commit to an equal, creative relationship 
⁃    Our daily life is the main focus.
⁃    There is nothing to repair, to fix. We are perfect as we are. We just remove resistance.
⁃     I travel a very individual path with each one knowing that  we need strong individualities to create a blossoming, colorful meadow in this world.