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hdfc bike loan status online About Me:   What is the most effective way of making my contribution to a better world while at the same time fully developing and bringing in my personal potential?"- This is the questions which has been fascinating me and working within me for many years now, and what I can say is that my work as a coach is a part of this way. I want to support as a companion on the way of awakening to our full inner greatness and freedom. I want to enable people to bring forth the highest form of them and put it into the service of all. Is that naive altruism? No, it is not at all, because a fulfilled and happy life is only possible when you bring in your unique gift for the benefit of others.
My personal path contains long-term stays in Bangladesh, India and Latin America, volunteering work for alternative economy models as well as acrobatics and break dance as a balance to my work. From my own experience during many years of spiritual practice (based on Buddhist meditation), I know the tension that can arise between profound inner experiences and our outer life situation – however, this tension does not have to be a problem, it can actually become the key to our awakening.
My work experience has been with local NGOs in Bangladesh and India, research in renewable energy (solar) in Spain, and international cooperation work in the field of climate projects with public organizations in Germany, the US and North Africa (MENA region). black horse loans contact