Awakening Coach


Juergen Schulz
Certified Coach
Mainz, Germany
Conscious Life Transition
Healing old relationships
Honor the body

About Me:   Welcome,

my name is Jürgen Schulz, born in 1951, I live in Mainz, Germany.

I have been working in a lot of different worlds. I was a musician, a retail merchant on musical instruments and worked as gardener, carpenter and bricklayer and wanted to be no ones own.
I loved music and body work and the eastern wisdom.
I didn’t follow through with my dreams of making a living as a musician, because I became a father.

Having founded a family I decided to take a well donated job in a Casino to create financial security for us. I earned enough money for the family - and two households after the divorce. But the job was far away from my heart. I practiced Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan regularly to balance myself. I longed to be of service so I became the chairman of the workers council for years. I trained as mediator.

When the kids left home the pressure to earn money got less and my longing to make a contribution to the world got even stronger. I wanted to leave the environment where I felt I only could drop water on very hot stones. Not an easy step if you are only a few years away from your retirement!

And that’s when I got to know and to cherish the work of Arjuna Ardagh and the powerful tools of Awakening Coaching! This is really a treasure and precious gift to give that I like to share with you.

It can be your guide through a shift in your self-perception, finding your balance between work and family. It can open up your sight on partnership and strengthen your ability in the corporate world.

And it will help you to let go old views and find a perspective if you are retired.