Awakening Coach


Richard Anderson
Certified Coach
Devon, England
Discover your unique gift

About Me:   I live with my family in the South West of England. With a background in economics, I also work as a senior manager in health care and social care. I have combined my general management work with empowerment practices and coaching for over 20 years. My passion is to bring people to their full potential in whatever they do - their career, their leadership, their creativity, their relationships. My specialist areas are:
– Shift from the corporate world
– Bringing life and passion to your leadership
– Work/Life balance
– The divine flow: knowing how to listen to your instincts.
– Uncovering your genius: what are you meant to bring to the world?
– Consciousness: who really are you? How to be totally present in all you do - your career, your family, your projects.
I have a Certificate in Coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management.
I am continuing my studies under the world-renowned Arjuna Ardagh in the school of Awakening Coaching, accredited through the International Coach Foundation.