Awakening Coach


Harriet Ross
Certified Coach
Toronto, Canada
Conscious Life Transition
Honor the body
Stabilization of awakening
Supporting the Healing Journey through illness/injury

About Me:   In the Awakening Coaching process, I coach you to consciously engage and transform the relationship you have with yourself and the world in a deep and effective way. In so doing I support you in defining your objectives, recognizing your obstacles and shifting towards a fresh approach to living. We work to identify and dissolve the energetic blocks formed by years of creating a personality, picking up limiting habits, thoughts and beliefs and reactivity created from them. In our work together you will learn to shift your awareness from contraction and resistance to heartfelt presence, connection and Clear Seeing. Once you experience and begin to live from the vantage point of your True Nature, which is clear, creative, curious and limitless, you begin to experience life as unfolding with openness and freedom.
Aspects you may choose to address can include any or all aspects of being whether physical, energetic, thoughts & emotions, your unique identity and your awareness of this mystery/ divine/life force/whatever you call this experience of life. Through my work as a Yoga Therapist and Awakening Coach I mentor you in cultivating conscious presence in this ultimate relationship called life.
The process:
We work together for a minimum of 8-10 weeks (this may be longer depending on your particular objectives) through which time we meet through Skype every 7 – 10 days. Each Skype session lasts from 1 to 2 hrs. You will be given short practices to integrate new awareness and understanding which arise from each session. The practices are done daily and are usually only a few minutes each though on occasion you may be given a longer one-time-practice. I support you between sessions through a daily report form which allows me to discern and address your process and progress, shorter calls may be scheduled as needed.