Awakening Coach


Joe Gagliano
Certified Coach
Miami, Florida, USA
Stabilization of awakening
Tailor made practices

About Me:   Having spent a lifetime, both seeking the answers to Life, while also pursuing the "American Dream," I can bring a unique perspective to the coaching relationship. While I cannot profess to know all the answers about Life, I can say that I have found many of those answers already existed deep within my own nature; obtaining the "American Dream," while not an easy task, came relatively easy in retrospect.

However, as a result of being coached by other Awakening Coaches, I now have a deeper appreciation for all aspects of life and have discovered a deep sense of gratitude and a joy for Life which was not always my experience before receiving coaching.

I cannot promise you will obtain the same, but I know I have the tools to enable you to do so if that is your goal and much, much more.

The answer to all your desires and the source of the attainment of all your goals lies within you. Together we can open that door and let your innate wisdom flow forth.

I specialize in what I call living from natural presence, which includes the stabilization of your awakening or your own sense of natural presence and approaching life from a place of clarity and certainty below the level of mind activity.

This can be accomplished in all aspects of life and you get to choose which areas of life we will address together in our coaching relationship and the particular goals you wish to achieve.

When we are finished, you will have an assortment of tools available to support you in your endeavor to realize the joys of life and the inspired certainty that achievement of your goals is obtainable.

If you choose, I am here to assist you by asking powerful questions and giving you simple exercises to break through the barriers to joy in life.

The choice is yours.