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federal home loan equity builder program About Me:   My experience and training in personal development is unique. I have spent much time in life transforming myself from being disconnected, shut down, living in pain to be a person connected to my life energy, to my body, heart and soul, living in the moment, open and with inner peace. I have done a journey within various personal development areas, looking at myself within many human fields as my past, my unique gift, my life purpose, living and relating from the heart and more. It has changed my life totally! I now partly work as a counsellor and I am a newly certified Awakening Coach.
I see Awakening Coaching as a powerful tool for inner work and growth, a kind of short cut to come in contact with the deeper part of you and liberate you from limiting thoughts and emotions, being able to create a more fulfilling and richer life. I offer Awakening Coaching in English and Swedish and at first-hand over Skype or phone. This coaching can make a great change in your life, and be a both challenging, exciting and rewarding beginning of a conscious inner journey!
Check the video for more impressions and details! And fill in the form below for a Free Orientation session! Wish you all the best in changing your life to the better! which bank gives personal loans in pakistan