Awakening Coach


Colleen Kohlsaat
Certified Coach
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Bringing awakening to the work place
Conscious leadership
Discover your unique gift

About Me:   During my education in environmental science at UC Berkeley, I gained a deep appreciation for the interconnection of personal beliefs, actions and lifestyle and the health of the planet and all sentient beings. It was from this appreciation of "everything is connected to everything else" that my interest in personal transformation to influence positive change, both at the individual and global levels, became my passion.

Since completing my 21-year tenure at Levi Strauss & Co. where I served as Director of Global Environmental Sustainability, I have focused my efforts on serving professionals to leverage their inherent power to create a rewarding life, not only in their personal and professional life, but also in the world at large … effectively creating metamorphosis from the inside out.

After receiving certification in integrative nutrition health coaching and transformational coaching, I enrolled in the Awakening Coaching Training program to expand my coaching skills to support professionals in realizing their potential and to be resourceful and clear leaders. Among other benefits, clients can also expect to discover and bring forth their unique gift and gain clarity on how they can translate their gift into a meaningful contribution to the world.

I invite you to contact me to explore how you can enliven your life with vitality, balance and well-being and create results that will benefit you, your family, your work life, and even the world.

I look forward to hearing from you!