Awakening Coach


Vanessa Elle
Certified Coach
San Diego, CA
Conscious Feminine Practices
Conscious Life Transition
Stabilization of awakening

About Me:   As an Awakening Coach I am passionate about coaching women to awaken their hearts, deepen their connection with themselves and embody their feminine strength and wisdom. I help others come into full view of themselves and embrace of their freedom. I have been through the light and dark and climbed many mountains in between. I stand with and for women, as we share and heal a collective history. I create opportunities through individual, group and virtual coaching for women to share, cry and celebrate - for when just one woman breaks through her limited beliefs, so she gives permission for the world to do the same.

I specialize in areas I have personally experienced:
•Embracing the feminine: healing the mother wound
•Life transitions: Divorce, Death of a Parent, Personal Illness (Lyme Disease), Business and Career Changes
•Stabilizing Awakening

As women learn to feel into the emotional core of their experiences, this energy is alchemized into real sustainable inner power. The purity of this energy is accessible through awareness and acceptance of what is, as opposed to resistance, denial or suppression. I hold space for women to fully embrace themselves, anchor in the spaciousness of their open heart and allow themselves to be propelled into a more fulfilling, vibrant and peaceful way of living.