Awakening Coach

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SPECIALTIES: how do i get a loan for school Discover your unique gift sunbelt loans gallup nm Healers/therapists deepening your work bad credit secured personal loans australia Living vibrantly from your heart installment loans meaning Women moving into heart-centered work helb loan application form first applicant 2015 About Me:   My passion is helping people lead their lives from the heart. That means, bringing the heart’s wisdom and presence into work or personal life.
- If you have been living small and not trusting your heart, I can help you live big -- with steady self-trust, focus and joy.
- If you are in the healing profession, I can help you get much more effective, powerful results with your clients.
- If you have been working “just from the neck up”, I can help you find how you were meant to shine, and bring these innate talents forward to create service or work life that is fulfilling and makes a difference in the world.

I coach from my own strong life experiences:
o 30+ years of coaching all kinds of people.
o 25+ years of facilitating healing (energy, shamanic, nature-based).
o Shifted from living in the head with a shut-down heart, to living fully from the heart.
o Transformed “over-sensitive” into “intuitive and steady”.
o Profoundly transformed my primary relationships (parents and partner).
o Radically reinvented my career twice, realizing talents that were a complete surprise to me.

I bring a warm, clear, calm radiance to my coaching. I would love to help you reach your deepest longings so you can begin to create your life from there!

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