What is required to become a certified Awakening Coach?

To qualify to be a Certified Awakening Coach, the following requirements must be met:

1. Complete the Basic Skills Course– Participants must complete 18 weeks of the Basic Skills Online course, which includes 2 hours per week of teleseminar calls, as well as watching, listening and reading online video, audio and written.

This can also be done as a 6 day live course that is offered mostly in European countries with a translator and would include participation in tele-seminar(s) after the live training.

90 days of Radical Release with another course participant during the Basic Skills Course is recommended, but not required.

2. Complete the Client Interaction Course– Participants must complete 24 weeks of the Client Interaction Course Online, and document and complete giving two 8 week Awakening Coaching series, and receiving two 8 week Awakening Coaching series.

3. Complete One of the following Advanced Courses and all the tele-seminars, including:

4. Assisting
OPTION 1) Assist at 3 Awakening Coaching Trainings (live or online).  OR

OPTION 2) Assist at 2 Awakening Coaching Trainings (live or online) and 3 Weekend Seminars.

In Both options – total assisting hours adds up to 150.

5. Give 200 hours of sessions: to fellow students and / or friends who know you are in training (cannot include spouses or boyfriend/girlfriend). This can include being a coach on the Group Coaching series, assisting at live training, & Radical Release sessions with another coach. No more than 40% of these sessions can be given to the same person.

6. Receive 100 hours of sessions from other coaches, including Radical Releasing and Radical Awakening short sessions.  No more than 40% of these sessions can come from the same person.

7. Apply for certification**.

Once all requirements are met, graduates may apply for certification.

**Note: Suitable candidates may apply for early certification.

In order to qualify for early certification a person must fulfill these  requirements:

:: have an extensive background in working with people, as a coach, counselor, therapist, etc. The applicant must  feel they are ready to work with people professionally.

:: all of their peers must feel that they are ready to work with people professionally.

:: the primary teacher for the Client Interaction must  feel that they are ready.

:: the applicant has completed 90 days of Radical Releasing  (not a requirement for regular certification, but it is a requirement for early certification)

Students who are certified early as Awakening Coaches must still complete all of these requirements within 12 months of receiving early certification:

:: Complete one additional advanced course listed above ( this must be paid for and scheduled before Early Certification is granted)

:: Complete Assisting at 3 courses  (listed above).  These must be scheduled before Early Certification is granted.

:: Complete and document giving 200 hours of sessions.

:: Complete and document receiving 100 hours of sessions.

Before an applicant can be certified as an Awakening Coaching, they may be listed on the Find a Coach page of the website.  25% of the income they receive from referred coaching clients is paid back to Awakening Coaching as a referral fee.  To be Certified, coaches must sign an agreement to keep to the Awakening Coaching code of ethics.