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Awakening Coaching: Basic Skills

This is our basic introductory training. You will learn all of the innate brilliances essential to awakening coaching. If you are already working as a coach or a consultant, you can integrate these skills into your practice right away.

Awakening Coaching: Client Interaction

This course teaches you how to integrate what you have learned in the basic skills course into an eight week relationship with coaching clients. If you are planning a new career as an awakening coach, this course will give you the confidence you need to develop a coaching practice.

Awakening Coaching: Group Facilitation

This course will teach you how to facilitate awakening with groups of people: in a company, a school, a church or any other organization. You will be trained to lead evening events, half day and one day events and weekend intensives.

Deeper Love Coaching

In this powerful training with Arjuna you will learn to work with couples as well as single people to bring Awakening Consciousness into Intimate Relationships.

Honest Marketing

Learn how to most effectively market yourself in today’s economy, and how to build a successful coaching practice.