The Deeper Love Coaching Training course gives participants an opportunity to deeply dive into the powerful program Arjuna and Chameli Ardagh have created to facilitate bringing awakening into Intimate Relationship.  You will walk away grounded in all the simple, easy and often humorous practices that can guide couples into bringing their deepest awakening into their relationship.  If you would like to be able to coach couples to bring sacredness back into their relationship or coach single people who are ready to attract a deep and committed life partner, this training is for you.  The training will provide you with the knowledge and capacity to bring heightened awareness, freedom and joy into both couples relationships, as well as singles in way that enables them to attract the right partner.  As a coach, you will be able to empower your clients to embrace the true potential of intimate relationships.

Skills Learned:

In this highly interactive and experiential course, you will learn:

  • How to teach couples and singles a new way of understanding relationship.  For clients that are in relationship, learn ways to facilitate them to bring playfulness and liberation from habits through quick & easy practices.  For clients that are looking for their true partner, provide practices that can accelerate them finding their partner as well as practices that can clear energies and patterns that are preventing them from attracting the partner they are longing for.
  • How to work with clients on The Four Fundamental questions & lead them through The Commitment Ritual.
  • Coaching clients in Here-Nowing, Couples Puja and other fundamental practices.
  • Practices to give clients to express anger, resentment, fears, deal with power struggles and more, as well as practices to give clients to create a natural expression of gratitude, appreciation and worship.
  • The importance of polarization and merging in relationships, when couple should merge and when they should polarize.  Learn practices to give clients to create either of these dynamics.
  • The importance of masculine and feminine energies in relationships and how clients can cultivate the awakened masculine and feminine energies in clients.
  • Practices to deepen love making and sexuality and how singles can work with their own sexuality to attract their partner.

Training Format:

The Deeper Love Coaching Training is offered as a 14 Week Online Course.  The online course offers a dynamic and engaging experience that includes video and audio materials from live trainings, an online workbook with the teachings, tools and practices, an online community forum and additional reading materials.  Participants will have two hours a week of group training over the phone or Skype where they will be able to learn directly from Arjuna and other teachers, as well as participate in small and intimate break out groups for more direct experiential practice using the teachings.  Participants in the training will coach clients through the practices during the course.


Awakening Coaching Basic Skills Course