It may be that we can support you better if you work with a group of people at the same time. This is called group coaching. We do this frequently online, using the phone and internet. We guide a group of people together, usually over a 4 week period, around a specific topic. When you can listen to what is happening for other people, you will often get great insight about what is going on for you too.

On this page we will explain some of the areas where we have conducted group coaching in the past, so that you can see if any of them feel interesting to you.

The Unique Gift

The first one is in the discovery and the bringing forth of the unique gift. We have a very particular methodology for doing this. As you may have discovered in other videos, the unique gift does not have to do with your job, it is rather the quality that you were born with. You had your unique gift when you were a child. The unique gift is there when you’re on holidays or vacation. We can help you discover the unique gift in a very reliable way, and then connect it with what you do. This is a great thing to do with other people in a group. Look at the schedule to find out when awakening group coaching for the unique gift is happening.

Finding Your Mate

Another area that can be great to do with a group is if you are single and interested in changing your relationship to relationship: from one of need, dependency, and lack or one of independence: “I don’t need anybody”, to actually discovering the love that is your true nature, and allowing that to overflow more and more as a way of meeting another. This is a very beautiful thing, to receive group coaching with other single people and to get ready for the big love.

The Deeper Love

We also do group coaching with couples, people who are in relationship already. You don’t need to be there with your partner, you can be there alone, but we are coaching participants in how to bring awakening more deeply into existing relationship. This is the art of the “deeper love,” one of the courses we teach. This is a wonderful way, together with other people who are in relationship, to discover tools to take your intimacy to a completely different level.

Unleash Genius and Creativity

Another form of group coaching has to do with creativity. If you are writing a book, or writing a screenplay, creating a new company, creating a new vision, or creating a new contribution of some kind, we can also help you in group coaching: to help that creativity and gift to flow from a much deeper place in you than automatic, habitual thoughts and feelings.

Honor the Body

We also offer group coaching to help you with your health and your body. We are not doctors, we don’t prescribe or directly deal with disease, but we can help you to radically change your relationship to your body. The body is an animal. It is giving you messages all the time: your body is telling you constantly when it needs rest, when it needs water, when it needs food, when it wants sex, when it needs to express emotion. Your body is telling you constantly when it needs to be with people, when it needs to be alone, but it gets overridden by all the shoulds and shouldn’ts. This contributes to poor health: when we are not really paying attention to the messages the body has for us.

Enough Money

We also offer group coaching to support you to explore your relationship to money. The thing is to be clear with money so it’s not a difficult area for you anymore. That means that you recognize the value of the word “enough,” when enough is deeply installed in your life. When you can say “I have enough”, “I have a big enough house”, “I have a good enough car”, “I have enough food”, “ I have enough toys”, “I have enough music”, “I have enough of everything,” then your relationship to money settles down, becomes easy, more natural, and flowing. Group coaching around money examines your beliefs around money so money ceases to be an issue, so that your energy can go into your gifts, into your creativity.


We also offer group coaching through tele-seminars around parenting. Most of us grew up with certain beliefs and attitudes about what it means to “raise” a child. Very often we grew up with the assumption that a child is empty and you have to install beliefs and behaviors and character into the child. When you have a moment of awakening (which is what our work is all about), you recognize that your true nature is perfect. Your true nature, deeper than thoughts, feelings, and beliefs is love itself. Your true nature needs no fixing, it is not wounded, it is only the habits of the personality that are wounded. Your true nature is beautiful, it is creative, it is flowing, it has a gift to give in this world. Now, from that glimpse of awakening, when you turn your attention to your child, you realize “my child is also perfect,” “my child also has a unique gift to give to the world,” “my child is also love.” Then parenting becomes a completely different thing, parenting becomes a way of honoring and supporting your child to bring forth their gifts and to give them and to live the purpose they were born to live.

Please check the schedule to see when these different group coaching course are going to be. We would be delighted to welcome you to join us for any of these courses.