Group Facilitation is a residential course, held in the US or Europe, followed by a series of eight tele-seminars.   It thoroughly prepares coaches to offer all the tools of awakening coaching to groups of people, in a variety of contexts.

A great emphasis is placed in this training on the sense of presence that you bring when  speaking to a group.  The training makes extensive use of video and feedback from other students so that your unique gift is expressed fully through your body as well as your words.

You also learn the power of using your own personal biography and stories to bring your message to life, and you receive support from other students and teachers to tell these stories in an way that can inspire and move your listeners.

This course prepares you to offer three hour, one day and two day events in Awakening Coaching.  You learn how to work with groups in a variety of contexts, including churches, prisons, business environments, schools as well as weekend seminars for the public.

You also learn how to practice many of the tools of Awakening Coaching in a group context, including Radical Awakening, Radical Releasing, Empowerment Practices, working with the unique gift and more.

Graduates of this course may attend weekend seminars with Arjuna Ardagh and teach segments of the weekend.


Awakening Coaching Basic Skills Course