Honest Marketing and Client Conversion


selfmasteryYou have so much to offer people. You have trained in skills that can shift someone’s life from being stuck in automatic habits to fully expressing their genius, in a brilliant and original way. You care deeply about people. You want to make a difference. You care about contributing to a saner and more conscious planet.

Is it true? It is, isn’t it!

The gift you have to offer people is not just about tools you have learned. The greatest gift you have to pass on is the total accumulation of everything you have learned in your life. This is your true mastery.

You may have overcome a life threatening illness. You may have raised children with grace and kindness. You may have made loads of money, loved your spouse deeply, written a great novel, or made a great film. You may have learned how to overcome deep despair. Everyone has the unique ways in which they have triumphed. These triumphs, which are completely personal and unique to you, are the essential gift you have to pass on to others.

Many people like you face a challenge. You know that the tools you have learned work in powerful ways. You have experienced that you can use them effectively. People tell you that you have so much to give. The difficulty is often in finding your voice, finding your confidence, finding your audience, and then in serving them in a way that also brings you financial reward.


Honest Marketing October 2014

What is Needed

In order to be a successful coach, or indeed to be able to help people in any way, you need several factors to be working well alongside each other:

 five-keysA desire to serve and give

To be a great coach, or to reach and help people in any other way, you need to genuinely care about people. You need to be able to feel someone’s limits as well as their latent gifts, and feel inspired to offer real support. Making money and having a great life come as by-products to this sense of service.

A clear understanding of your tools

You need to be well trained in a set of tools that you’ve seen work, again and again, and that you can duplicate.

Motivation and accountability

You’ve got to have a part of you that wants to get out there and make a difference, and make your voice heard. No matter where this motivation comes from, there must be a drive to take the steps to become visible.

Recognize and work with resistance

When it comes to getting yourself out in the world, everyone sometimes experiences the sense of two steps forward and one step back. In establishing yourself as having mastery in your own field, you will inevitably face periods of triumph and success, as well as periods of disappointment and wanting to give up. You need to know how to work through this.

Take action in small steps of victory

You don’t build an audience of hundreds of thousands of people overnight. It happens through small steps, one after the other, as you increase your confidence in your platform.

The Honest Marketing Program

p_aurora_detail_fullI have put together a 9-month course called Honest Marketing Mentorship Program. This is a very hands-on experience working directly with me over nine months, to fully develop all of the skills and disposition you will need to market yourself with confidence as a coach.

The live course will last for 9 months, through an online learning environment which includes tele-seminars, video, audio, workbook pages, and a private forum to share your triumphs with other members.

The 9-month course will start on Friday, August 14th, with live classes every Friday from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. Pacific Time. (7-9 p.m. in Europe.)

Every module will cover specific essential areas of building a successful coaching practice and will include guest speakers who are considered to be international experts in their field. Some of these speakers will be available live on the call for your questions, while others will be available for you on video, in interviews prepared exclusively for this course.

As well as the live calls, you get access to a member’s area website which will include streaming video of everything you need to market yourself effectively, audio tracks you can download and listen to between classes, workbook pages and written documents to read.

Honest Marketing October 2014

Topics Covered

jigsaw-puzzle1Your Zone of Mastery 

The tools you’ve learned (through Awakening Coaching or other modalities) are only a part of what you have to give. They are the pipe through which your gifts flow. The gift itself is the harvest of all your life experience. It takes a fresh look, and a creative vision, to recognize the areas of life where you can support people, in ways they are willing to pay.

Inception Marketing

The most effective way for you to seek out and connect with coaching clients who can benefit most from your gift is to point out to ( or educate) them about needs and possibilities that they may not yet be aware of. For example, someone who is broke may have given up on the possibility of earning a good income, and not even register the desire. Someone who has been single for years may have abandoned hope to love again. Your example can inspire people to aspire for goals that they may not know they have. This is called Inception Marketing, it can be tailor-made for your own situation.

Say it Loud and Clear 

Once you know your unique area of mastery, and the kinds of people who can benefit, the next step is to learn how to present your core message in a short digestible form that can reach many people. The ideal way to do this is through well written short blog articles, each with a catchy subject line that is likely to be shared by many people. In this course you’ll get practice and support in writing and publishing blogs.

Heart Based Client Enrollment 

You can have your niche, a website, blog, put out videos, speak, network, etc., but without the ability to take a potential client to a paying client, you have no business. This course is taught via essential live recordings and supplemental live classes. Learn and begin mastering how to enroll people who are interested, into invested clients. The live classes will involve demonstrations, realistic role plays, direct coaching on your personals questions/situations, re-examination of your relationship to money, value, and ultimately to have you look forward to and enjoy this absolutely crucial part of a thriving coaching practice.

Enrollment Mastery Deepening 

You will hear a live demonstration of a Conscious Selling Class–Based on techniques learned from Meditation, Non-Violent Communication, Deep Empathy, and Neuro Linguistic Psychology, we will do a live Enrollment conversation of this process that will be one of, if not the main, skillset for you to have a successful practice.

Be the Star of Your Own Movie 

In the last years, the popularity of short (3 to 5 minute) videos on the internet has eclipsed the time people spend reading books or even watching TV. I recently heard a marketing expert say that one good three minute video on YouTube that reaches more than five thousand people, is worth more than an appearance on national television, and it is free and totally accessible today. You are going to learn in this course how to make great short videos. You will get all the technical instruction you need to make them look stunning.

Heart Based Client Enrollment: Your Turn 

In, most likely, the only time in your life, you’ll get to have an Enrollment conversation without it being real so you can make mistakes, get live feedback, and learn specifically from your potential client the nuances that makes a sale or has them say “I’ll think about it” and you never hear from them again.

Brilliant Teleseminars 

The benefit from a teleseminar series is that you can offer your information through many Medias (live teleseminar, prerecorded audio, streaming video, as well as written material) to a global audience. You will find out how to create a 21 day intensive (which can stay evergreen- in other words people can purchase forever) using the mastery of your niche. We’ll also discover how to build a free five day mini-course so people can find out more about you.

Website SEO and Design 

Having a great website which actually attracts a large number of people and converts them into clients is not just a matter of good content and good taste – it is a science. We will explain to you the simplest ways to create a website and how to optimize it for maximum traffic.

Making Social Media Work for You 

With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest‚ social media can seem like a jungle. It takes a good plan and understanding to use social media in a way that really works for you and connects you to the audience who will appreciate your services.

Conscious Selling Laser Coaching 

Be clear on your offer, your prices, and the value that you bring to people’s lives.  How to have clients signing up feeling a deep, full-body YES to working with you vs. you struggling to convince them they need your program.  People saying yes, to your service or program, and paying you, right there on the call.  Resolve issues regarding money. Filling your practice with people that you love working with, and making the money that gives you the freedom to create your ideal life.

Getting on Main Stream Media 

Once you get comfortable about your niche and your area of mastery, it may be much easier than you think to get on radio or TV, or to get interviews in magazines, about what you do well. The media is always looking for original and inspiring content. The trick is to know how to do it, who to approach, and what kind of pitch they are looking for.

Honset Marketing October 2014