The basis of awakening coaching is to support you to rest in the deepest dimension of yourself: which is silent, infinite, and the dynamic source of all creativity, solutions, and love.  We help you to recognize that this dimension of yourself is always present, and we show you how easy it can be to return there, again and again.

Although everything stems from a sense of well-being that has no conditions upon it, awakening coaching also has very practical implications in specific areas of life.

If you are single and long to meet your next partner in a completely different way than you have before, then this work will be very helpful.  We recognize that there are three relationships to relationship, whether you are single or in a couple.

  • One is a relationship of need, where you are looking for a mate to fill an emptiness inside yourself.  We call this dependency. When you meet someone else from that place, your relationship becomes co-dependent.

  • A second relationship to relationship is anti dependency, where your most important value becomes to assert that you don’t need anything from anybody, that you have everything you need from within yourself.  When two people enter into a relationship from that place, the relationship becomes anti-dependent and we often pay the price of reduced intimacy.

  • The third possible relationship to relationship we call The Deeper Love. We tap into a dimension of ourselves which is infinitely loving, giving, overflowing with appreciation and even worship of the divinity within another.  If you are single we can help you shift your relationship to relationship from one of need or anti-dependency to the overflow of the deeper love.

Awakening coaching can also be very helpful for couples who want to take their relationship to a much deeper level.  Some of our coaches have been highly trained in tools to support couples to meet in a dimension beyond the conceptual mind and beyond reactive feeling.  This is a way of meeting where you are just separate enough to feel love and appreciation, excitement and passion, but just close enough to feel deep intimacy and oneness.

Another important practical use of awakening coaching is to help you discover and bring forth your unique gift.  Just as every human being has a fingerprint different from everybody else, and just as no two people look exactly alike in their facial characteristics,  so each human being also has a unique gift to give to the world.  This gift is not just the job you do, it is more of a flavor that you born with. It is there whether you are at work, or on vacation, when you are sick as well as when you are well.  Awakening coaches are highly skilled to help you discover that unique gift, to bring it forth, and to help you align it with the activities you do to make a contribution and earn a living.

Awakening coaching can also be extremely helpful if you are working on a creative project like a book or a screenplay, or developing a new product or a company.  We recognize that any creative impulse can come from the conceptual mind, which means from automatic thinking, or it can from a much deeper place.  This is where creativity flows through you rather than from you.  We love to support people to bring forth their best-work-ever, and our coaches are skilled in very practical tools to bring creative impulses from a faint whisper to a finished manuscript or product.

Awakening can also be a great modality to help you deeply shift your relationship to your body.  So many people today suffer from burn-out and stress-related illnesses. They have tried to use their bodies like a machine, and so become oblivious to the messages that the body is frequently giving us.  By recognizing that you are not the body, you can at the same time appreciate the immense animal intelligence that the body has.  We have a lot of experience in coaching people to shift from “red zone” stressful living to “green zone” stress free living.

There are, of course, many other applications to awakening coaching as well that we would be glad to discuss with you in a complementary interview.

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