Inspired Certainty is a relaxed, confident belief in and recognition of who your client really is and what they are capable of. This kind of atmosphere of inspired certainty is, for the most part, what supports us to live from brilliance. If you remember back to when you were a child, perhaps you had a school teacher or a family friend, maybe a grandparent, who had absolute confidence in your capacity to do something; perhaps play a musical instrument or excel in a sport. That person’s absolute faith in you actually inspired you to perform at your very best. In the same way, an Awakening Coach is trained how to hold an atmosphere of inspired certainty for a client. The inspired certainty which the coach holds is not the client’s capacity to excel in sports, or to make money, or even to be their best as a leader. The inspired certainty which an Awakening Coach holds is the certainty of who the client really is, deeper than the stories held in the mind.

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