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There are several ways that you can join the call.

1)Use a landline Phone

If you live in the US, and have access to a phone line, please dial the number provided at the time the call starts, and enter your PIN when prompted.

It is best to use a landline, but a cell phone with full bars or 4G will work well also.

Here are some alternative numbers you can try if you have trouble:

  • (408) 520 2444
  • (510) 281 1111
  • (530) 216 4294
  • (408) 740 6030


2) If you live outside the US

You can also dial in using a number in your country.

Here are some countries with numbers available:

Australia: +61280114954
Chile: +5625709889
Denmark: +4536934670
Finland: +358923164593
Hong Kong: +85281990473
Hungary: +36212523870
Mexico: +525584214214
Sweden: +46850164384
UK: +442071931545


3)  MCDialer

This is actually the best option, and the one we use to join as teachers and hosts.

You can get complete installation instructions and download here:

NOTE: you will need a headset to connect using your computer.  Without a headset you will get an endless feedback loop from the speakers to the mic, that will make it impossible for you to interact with others on the call.

Here are three headsets we love:

4)  Skype Connect

Use  Skype to place a call to mcdirect1.

when you hear the voice come on the line, enter your password.