Clients that work with an Awakening Coach are engaged and aware individuals.  They are professionals working as doctors and attorneys, they are creatives working as artists, they are entrepreneurs working to create and grow businesses.  The common thread they share is that they have come to see that they need new perspectives on one or more areas of their life.  They are experiencing either a gentle current, or even a deep longing, for moving their lives into a different realm, into a different experience than where it is at right now.  They might have tried traditional therapeutic modalities or other life coaching practices.  They might have even been engaged in a deep spiritual practice.  Yet there remains this sense that there is an invisible veil that they have not pierced yet – in their work, in their relationships, in their ability to feel their feelings or many other areas.

Many of our clients have reached some sort of a brick wall in their life. Sometimes this is financial. They’ve had some sort of a breakdown of their capacity to earn in the way they used to. Sometimes it’s more emotional or even you could say “spiritual,” in the sense that they’ve lost motivation or they’ve lost belief in the modality they were used to.

When someone has come to explore the limits of what they’re capable of on their own, to experience breaking an invisible veil they feel they have not been able to penetrate, then awakening coaching can be a very rewarding relationship indeed.

What does the coaching relationship look like?

The relationship between a coach and a client generally lasts for an eight week contract which involves five longer sessions, (over the phone or in person) done every two weeks. During these five sessions the coach will practice the kind of skills with their client that have been described elsewhere on the site.
 The relationship between coach and client is very intense. As well as sessions every two weeks, the client sends a daily report to their coach by email.

At the beginning of the coaching relationship we set up a number of objectives, specific habits which we want to see cleared up during the eight-week period, specific objectives we want to reach. Sometimes these are financial. Sometimes they are in terms of the way we relate to other people. By and large we see a very high proportion of these objectives are met during the eight-week relationship.
 The average price which our coaches are currently charging their clients is about $1,500 for an eight week relationship. This includes the five sessions, reading and reviewing email reports every day, and if necessary, responding to the client with short phone calls to tweak the practices between these regular sessions. 
As a coach, you are self-employed; it is also up to you to get out and meet people and talk to people about this kind of work, and to introduce the possibilities of awakening coaching to potential clients. We provide some support, both in terms of marketing skills and training, and in terms of client referrals.