This part of our website is about how to become a coach. We train a lot of different kinds of people, and there are many different reasons why you might like to do our training.

Some people take the Awakening Coaching Training simply because they would love to be able to support other people in relaxing into awakening consciousness. They love the idea of awakening happening in a spirit of mutuality and friendship.

A lot of people also take our training who have an existing career: they want to fertilize it, supplement it, and make it brighter with these tools. We train a lot of existing coaches, psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors, and attorneys.

We also train people who are looking for a new career, who want to make their life primarily about serving awakening. This would involve a more extensive training where you do several courses.

In this section of the website you can find out about our different courses as well as learn about the seven innate brilliances in which we train people to become proficient.

You can also meet many of our students on video here who have trained with us in the past. This might be the best way to decide if this is the right training for you.

There is an application form that you can fill out for the Awakening Coaching training, and someone will get back to you quickly.

For information in German and enrollment in the training in Germany (German language), please visit: