Our Vision

Our organization exists to support the awakening of consciousness in this time of accelerated change in a way that is reliable, practical, and respectful of the integrity of each individual.



Our Mission

We train awakening coaches to support leaders in all fields to shift into and sustain an awakening consciousness and to lead a world based on oneness and sustainability.



Our Values

:: We respect the intrinsic value and worth of every individual.

:: We recognize that everyone is longing, in their own way, for integration and to make a contribution

:: We realize that just as an individual or organization has a bottom line of what is needed to survive, so it is also important for health and wellbeing to be able to set an upper limit of “enough”.

:: We value co-creation with organizations: the recognition that every part is equally important for the wellbeing of the whole.

:: We respect the absolute confidentiality of our clients.

:: We respect appropriate boundaries in the coaching relationship.

:: We recognize that the client has within themselves the intuition of their highest potential, as well as the awareness of the obstacles and resources to live from that potential.

:: We place high value on the right of every individual to discover and live daily practices that deepen awakening.

:: We recognize that actions are generated by both conscious and unconscious beliefs, and that beliefs are all generated out of a state of consciousness.