An Awakening Coach uses the tools of Radical Awakening to shift the client out of the web of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, to being totally present both internally and externally. When we are absolutely present externally, then we hear sounds more vividly, and colors become brighter. We can really pay attention to another human being and feel who that human being really is looking back at us. Being present internally means that we recognize who we truly are, deeper than any thoughts or feelings. When we pay attention to who is really aware of this moment, we discover that it’s more of a presence than a thing, a presence which has no limits, which was never born, which could never die, which is silent, and which is infinitely resourceful.
Awakening coaches are trained meticulously to guide their clients through a number of different portals into absolute awakening, Radical Awakening. This means not a relative kind of awakening, but a complete and dramatic shift from preoccupation, thinking, being caught in fear, desire and anticipation, to being right here, in this now moment, reading this page on the web.

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