Radical Release is a process Awakening Coaches use to liberate energetic charges that cause reactive behaviors.

All day long, whether in your professional life, your personal life, whether in your role as a parent or just as a global citizen, you are faced with opportunities, situations, stimulus from the outside world; most of which require some kind of a response. And broadly speaking, every time a stimulus presents itself requiring a response, you have a choice; a choice which we usually make unconsciously to react to the stimulus or to respond to it. The difference being reactive and responsive generally comes from conditioning which we carry from the past. These habits impede our capacity to perform at peak potential as a leader, in an intimate relationship, as a parent, as a family member, or in our relationship to the Earth and to global society.

The reason that we bring reactivity to new situations instead of responsibility is because we carry within us undigested experience from the past. What does that mean? Essentially it means that at any time in our life, perhaps in childhood, in adolescence, or later in life, things have happened to us where we experience a hurt or charge within ourselves which we were not able to fully experience. And so instead of experiencing the charge and allowing it to move through us, we stuff it down into the cells of the body. And every time we do that, we limit our capacity to respond to life in an open and appropriate way. We become contained more and more within preset conditioning.

Awakening Coaches are trained to work with these charges at an energetic level and to release these charges in a matter of a few minutes without having to enter into any kind of therapeutic process. It’s simply a matter of feeling back into the atmosphere, the frequency of that charge, letting it be there, and then allowing it to liberate through a very specific process called Radical Release. Radical Release increases our capacity to be completely present and awake, to respond appropriately to situations as they arise, and to meet a rapidly changing environment in a more effective and productive way.

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