What Is

This section of our site will help you to understand our basic vision and values.

Everything that we do rests in awakening. You can discover here what we mean by that term, and how accessible awakening can be to you in every moment in your life.

Our work is based in the extraordinary vision of Thomas J. Leonard, who saw the possibilities inherent in sports coaching and brought them into life coaching and wellness coaching.  Coaching is a non-hierarchical relationship perfectly suited to the unfolding of awakening, in every aspect of life. Find out more about coaching here.

When bringing these two things together, awakening coaching emerges as a completely new and inspiring discipline: one which allows us to step beyond the confines of tradition, dogma, and hierarchy, and to discover and embody our fullest potential in every moment.

We have taken the time to define our vision and some of our most important values on a page. Please read it over to see how it resonates for you.