Awakening means a shift in awareness when you taste reality outside the limiting confines of the mind. This is when you know yourself to be limitless, much bigger than, yet containing the body. Awakening allows us to move beyond limited beliefs and assumptions about reality and our life based on past experiences and memories and to fully experience what is actually unfolding in this moment.

When we awaken, we recognize the deception and irrelevance of most thoughts that are passing in the mind, as though our thoughts are a television program in a foreign language in another room. The program can still be heard, but it is no longer dominating our awareness. When the mind recedes in this way, our energy shifts from thinking about life, to being present in each moment. From thinking about life, to meeting this moment fresh, with creativity, humor, and a sense of connectedness to everything around you.

Most human beings live in a place of complete immersion in, and identification with, thoughts and feelings. That means, although we are experiencing things all day, although we are feeling sensations in the body and seeing flowers and people and movement and hearing sounds all day, although we’re participating in the real world, our attention is actually more wrapped up with our thoughts and ideas and memories and projections about our experience than it is actually experiencing the moment itself.

Our heart, our intuition tell us that there is a more natural way of living life. We yearn to directly experience our lives, to be fully present to what is actually here, now. Awakening refers to a willingness to constantly show up again and again, fresh in this moment with what is here, right in our immediate environment. So awakening is the willingness to shift more into what is here, what is real, to wake up from the trance of the mind and from separation.

More and more people are seeking ways to integrate awakening consciousness into the way that they live their ordinary lives. The question comes, how are you going to do that? How are you going to live your ordinary life, your relationships, your parenting from a place of awareness, present to the moment? How are you going to shift the way that you go to work, the way that you show up at work, the way that you are with people? How is your life going to move from the trance of thinking and memory and desire and frustration into a fresher and more immediate relationship to reality?