Awakening Coaching is a partnership between you, the coach, and your client. You support your client in directly realizing his or her potential to be resourceful, clear, and awake, and to embody that potential in increasingly effective ways in every area of personal and professional life.

An Awakening Coach recognizes that their client has intuitive knowledge about his or her direction, goals, vision and awareness of the obstacles to reaching their goals. The client also carries intuitive knowledge about the resources available to assist him or her. As an Awakening Coach, you will ask powerful, provocative questions to bring forth the talents, strengths and skills latent in your client, allowing them to recognize and dissolve their habitual obstacles and live from a place of awakening.

We recognize that everything that is needed for awakening already exists within the client. Everything that is an obstacle to awakening can be recognized and dissolved from within the client. If Awakening Coaching is done successfully, we can bring forth what the client really intuits as their potential but doesn’t even dare to long for. You will use the seven innate brilliances of an Awakening Coach to support your client in identifying their deepest longing and removing obstacles to living that longing.