The sixth of the innate brilliances of Awakening Coaching is called “Midwifing the Unique Gift”.

There are a few things we already know about uniqueness.  For example, your thumbprint is different from anybody else who is alive on this planet today, and in fact from anyone else who has ever lived.  This is a little clue that nobody is exactly the same as you.  The same thing is true with faces. No two people look exactly alike, not even twins.

Just as you have a unique thumbprint, a unique face and a unique appearance, so you also have a unique flavor, a unique energy that you bring into the world.  This is the gift that wants to flow through you.  Like a rose, and a daffodil, and a sunflower in a garden, each contributes something unique to the garden.  Whoever you are, you have a unique gift to give on this planet, one which nobody else can give in the way that you can.  That makes you incredibly special, worthy of attention, worth listening to.

The sad thing is that most people do not ever fully discover or give the gift that is uniquely theirs. They may have something which can really impact people.  But their gift remains ungiven because of conditioned beliefs, and thoughts, and reactive feelings, and fear: all the things which have been imposed upon us, like mud on top of a clear light.

Awakening Coaches have a way of helping you discover what that unique gift is, beyond any shadow of a doubt.  They can help you to discover how much the gift is being lived, in what you do now with your days, or how much has it been pushed aside.  We can bring that back to the forefront, back in to the light, and we can help you find ways to harness the unique energy that is yours, so then everything becomes easier.  When you are living your gift, money flows easily, support comes easily, you feel appreciated.  You don’t have to struggle and stress, things flow on their own.

This is the sixth of the innate brilliances which can make an enormous contribution to anybody’s life.

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