Who is this training designed for? Who would most benefit from taking this training?

Anyone who resonates with what is presented in this site would probably get benefit from the training. People who are going to be well-equipped to facilitate awakening in this way would have had some taste of awakening themselves, but at the same time have the humility and honesty to recognize their own limitations as human beings.

Existing Professionals

Mostly people are going to benefit and be able to use the tools and the training if they already have some experience of working with people. So if you are already a coach with another kind of coaching training, this training would absolutely augment and supplement the coaching skills you already have. Similarly, if you are a doctor or a psychotherapist or a consultant, or if you work with people in any way, the tools that we teach you would be easy to integrate right away.

Personal Evolution

The second kind of person who would benefit from this training would be somebody who does not immediately want to work with people, but really would enjoy to be in a supportive environment for either five days during a live training or over many weeks during the online training, working with other people in a co-creative or democratic way, so that we can facilitate awakening for each other.

New Career Path

The last kind of person who might benefit from this training would be somebody who would like to work with people, but does not yet have a situation set up for that. They would like, in the long term, to be able to work with other people, but are not yet a coach or a therapist or a doctor. That person is finding their way in life right now. They would enter into a slightly longer term relationship with us. They might take the initial Basic Skills training training, practice with other people from the training, come back for additional training, and after completing all the required training courses, Radical Releasing sessions and coaching hours, would develop the strength and confidence to be able to work with people on their own.