Spontaneous Creation means generating frequencies of desired results within ourselves to actually create the desired result externally. That is, instead of waiting for outer circumstances to change in order to experience a certain result within yourself, you can create results within yourself which in turn will have an effect on your outer life.

For example, we often look for external circumstances to make us happy, and you can actually wait a long time for outer circumstances to make you happy. It’s also possible to actually learn how to create the vibration of happiness within yourself, and then to allow that to trickle out into your day-to-day life so that the circumstances of your life rearrange themselves to match that frequency of happiness that you’ve generated within yourself.

Another example would be that of success. We can either look for the external circumstances of our life to tell us that we are successful, or we can learn how to generate the frequency of success within ourselves, and then to allow that internal frequency of success to be reflected in external circumstances. Awakening Coaches master the innate brilliance of supporting a client in developing internal frequencies that generate the client’s desired external results.

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